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I am extremely proud of the feedback I have received from my clients for the quality of my knowledge, experience and my commitment to their success. Below are a few testimonials from a sampling of my clients:


I've known Pete for about 5 years both as a training partner, pushing one another to the limit on the rower and as a trainer. One of the first things you notice about Pete is his attention to detail, whether it is in his preparation for a running event or putting together a programme for a client. Pete's professionalism, knowledge and flexibility set him apart from others in his field. He always carefully and thoroughly explains the how's and why's of any exercise, as well as the benefits of each. Every question I have ever asked, whether on diet, health or exercise technique, was answered completely and in a clear and concise way. His knowledge of physical fitness and health is based upon personal experience, which is extensive; he always comes up with another way to train a particular body part, so that you always remain interested; in short Pete is a professional that believes in what he is doing and will do his very best to help you achieve your goal. I look forward to many more healthy years of training, with Pete's help, both as a trainer and a friend.
- Peter Edds

I love off road running and racing and am lucky enough to live in the Scottish Highlands - one of the world's best outdoor gyms. But my performance plateaued at a point well below what I felt I could achieve. Whenever I crossed a finishing line there was the nagging feeling that I could do better. But how? My solution was to contact Pete Roper and head down to Dorset for a weekend of one-to-one tuition. I'd been in some races he'd won, so knew he was a master of exactly the kind of running that I enjoy. The fact that he's a former gym instructor also reassured me that he could teach as well as do. The weekend was superb. On the Saturday we did a marathon-length run along the Jurassic coastline, looping inland to Corfe Castle. Pete kept to my pace, offering timely tips and encouragement. He also acted as a guide, showing me some of the natural and historic marvels of this lovely part of England. That evening was spent in a country pub going over everything from training schedules and nutrition to race tactics and clothing. There were two particular areas where I wanted advice - hills and hydration. I can tramp up most UK mountain tracks, but Pete skips up the steepest slopes. I also worry that the weight of the water in the bladder I cart round marathon courses is more of a hindrance than a help. His advice seemed sound, so we put some of it to the test. Sunday was an 11-mile run, taking in six bitterly sharp hills. And while my performance was neither fast nor elegant, it was definitely better. Afterwards there was a wrap-up session while strolling round Lulworth Cove, recapping on all we'd done and setting some future goals. The weekend was well-structured, balancing theory and practicality. Pete's knowledge of the region meant that he could come up with runs which were exactly tailored to my tastes and ability. The emphasis was on long-term performance improvements, but some benefits came straight away. Within days of getting home I was setting new PBs for my favourite training runs. All in all I benefitted from top training and unforgettable runs. Highly recommended, I'll be back for more.
- Matthew Shelley

The UTMB 2011 course was over 105 miles, with positive altitude gain of over 9700m. It started amidst thunderstorms, and I was running through rain, hail, sleet and snow for the first 17 hours. I've never done anything so brutal, and this race really strips you down to your core. Finally crossing the finish line was truly the best feeling in the world. Better still, I was running like a demon to the finish gantry whilst others were hobbling, and all throughout the race my physical fitness was never in question. Huge thanks to Pete for my training program that ensured I didn't have to worry about my physical ability to complete the race. I only had a little soreness from the descents, but otherwise recovered injury-free within 2 days. Despite the fact I live in Singapore, Pete was able to provide a program tailored to my needs, as well as advice when I needed it. It was also based on far less mileage than I thought necessary and now I'm ready for my next ultra! Peter really is 'The Off-Road Guru', and I highly recommend his coaching services!
- Jeri Collett

In the year leading up to me participating in the 2010 Marathon Des Sables I had one-to-one coaching with Pete. He immediately impressed me with his analytical approach to long distance events and his shear passion for trail running. Pete designed an intensive program that suited my busy lifestyle and work commitments and kept in close contact to see that I stuck to the regime. I progressed very quickly, placing 5th in my first off road marathon (Bustinskins Portland June 09). Pete also advised me on kit selection and discussed the strength of inner resolve and determination during endurance events which came in use many a time in the desert, he even kept in touch via email at the end of each stage with motivational messages. An event like the Marathon Des Sables quoted as "the toughest foot race on earth" is intimidating and having been there and completed it is a deeply rewarding, unforgettable, life changing experience and I feel that this achievement in some part is due to the drive and commitment of one man, Pete Roper. - Tim Brown

Pete put me at ease from the start of my one-to-one offroad workshop and I really got so much out of the session. It was great to train and learn with someone who has so much knowledge and passion for what they do. I now look forward to moving my training onto the next level with Pete's help. - Steve Knell

Pete has coached me for about a year now and I have made some big improvements in my racing under his guidance during this time. His expert knowledge of offroad running has certainly suited my style. I like the fact that he has real experience of distance offroad running and has true passion for this type of running. I would definately recommend 'The Offroad Guru'! - Jayne Angilley

Awesome time fastpacking in Cornwall Pete! Scenery and terrain was amazing. I felt I really had achieved something when we got to Land's End, "The Finish". The weather was fantastic and your guidance was thorough, can't wait for next summer. - Alex Ledger

Thanks Pete for those training sessions which I found very productive from the poijnt of view of developing my tennis fitness. Your obvious drive and enthusiasm are contagious. - Paul Zieleniewski

Pete is a real inspiration to me and my approach to offroad running. The battle we had in Gower was one of the highlights of my life, the sort of stuff you can't buy. Others I know are in awe of what Pete has achieved within his running career. An incredible talent! - Adrian Jones


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