Training Coach - Tailored Training Programmes & Advice

One of the most fundamental rules of training is specificity; if you want to train for an event, your training should replicate the demands of that event. Offroad running requires a specific set of motor skills and neurological adaptations and it is uncommon for you to have fully mastered all of the disciplines.

Pete specialises in providing tailored professional training programs, each offering you an opportunity to tap into his skills and knowledge to reach your full performance potential and become a master of the trails.

Key Features

  • 1-to-1 consultation to access current skill level and understand goals
  • Development of personalised training schedule - key session goals
  • Preparation for events or competition - increase race fitness
  • Assess and improve strengths and weaknesses
  • Rest and recovery strategies

You too can gain skill and wisdom from the Offroad Guru, sign up for your personalised training programme to help you increase your performance and increase your potential.

Vivobarefoot Technique Training ::

Humans were designed to walk and run barefoot, and the foot functions best when it has direct contact with the ground. Conventional cushioned running shoes do not allow us to feel the ground reaction forces as we run thus we don't know when to change technique, pace or style of running.

As in all skill sports, correct technique is vital if you want to become proficient and avoid injury. To take a leap forwards with your running and to strive for a lifetime of efficient and injury free natural movement why not master the skill of Vivobarefoot with the Off-Road Running Guru and gain greater endurance with fewer injuries!

Pete is a Certified Technique Coach and can help teach you the barefoot running techniques so that you listen to your body...learn to hear what it is telling you. Adjust accordingly. Advance accordingly.


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