Offroad Running - Pete Roper Speaks

Some say that once you step off the hard surface of the road you will never go back! In my case this was very true. After many years of pounding the tarmac I made the transition to offroad trails and found the experience differs markedly from road and track running.

A distinguishing characteristic of the trails is that they tend to traverse varying terrain; hills, mountains, forests, and narrow tracks are common. Likewise, steep inclines, declines and rough terrain require differing techniques and skills. The adrenaline rush you get when descending down a cliff top, single track at high speed with a hundred foot drop only inches away from your fell shoes is second to none.

I have enjoyed many years of offroad running having spent numerous days exploring the South West Coast Path, clocking up the miles and enjoying the solitude of nature for the bulk of these runs. The trails are often inaccessible by road except at the trail heads and the odds of running with no other people in sight are very good; therefore I must rely on my own inner resolve and determination when the going gets tough.

These are the qualities and experiences that I aim to instil into you and that will, without a doubt, give you the competitive edge and performance you are looking for.


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