Alpha Strong Sandbag Training with Pete Roper, Sturminster Newton Dorset

A staple training tool for the elite athlete, to the everyday keep fit enthusiasts. The sandbag isn't just for the boys though, women also use the sandbag, in fact within my three weekly classes there are as many women as there men.Sandbag training will improve your cardio fitness, tone your body and build strength.

The age range of my classes range from 16 - 72 and the classes are getting more and more popular. Sandbag training is functional fitness,it develops muscles in places you didn't even know existed. Sandbag training develops real world strength and stability because of the constantly shifting nature of the sandbag. The sandbag never isolates any specific muscle, forcing you to use stabiliser muscles that remain dormant with the barbell or dumbbell. The body adapts to the sandbag’s instability by developing a stronger core, giving you that all over toned body. Sandbag group training provides a full body workout in one hour and this includes a thorough dynamic warm-up and cool-down and stretch.The same instability that makes sandbag training Functional also makes it perfect for beginners. For a newcomer wanting to gain fitness, tone up and lose weight it's much easier to start with a sandbag than free weights, not only is it easier to handle but you get complete guidance all through my group training classes.

The sandbag’s unstable nature makes it forgiving, a beginner lifter with less than stellar form can still get a great workout without running the risk of injury. Additionally, the sandbag contains just two ingredients- a bag and sand. This makes it easy to progress, when the initial weight becomes too easy to work with, move up to the next weighted bag. I have bags ranging from 4kg to 30kg in weight, a good range of bags means I can accommodate anyone looking to gain fitness, strength, burn fat, or simply tone up.

Sandbag Training (Booking Required) ::

Wednesday :: 18:30-19:15
Saturday :: 07:00-07.45

Contact Details ::

For more information or to book a session please call Pete on 0797 7859965 or email pete@peteroper.com.


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